This week, we’d like to introduce you to our newest addition, Jessica Brown!

Jessica will be serving as CASA’s new Bradley County Advocate Supervisor. The Advocate Supervisor is responsible for assigning cases to volunteers and providing them with the encouragement and support needed to be successful.

Her connection to CASA originated when she was conducting research for her Bachelor’s thesis on the identification and prevention of child abuse. She ended up citing information from both the well-known Melisha Gibson case, which happened in Bradley County, and the efficacy and mission of CASA. Upon graduating, Jessica decided to volunteer with CASA up until she moved to Knoxville with her family.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice and an Associate of Science in Human Services and Social Work. She is originally from the Cleveland area and is happily married to her husband, Michael. They are the proud parents of their almost three-year-old Skye, as well as their husky, Zane, and hedgehog, Neeko.

Jessica has plenty of valuable experience to utilize at CASA as she has spent six years working in mental health group homes. This past year, she worked with Head Start. Head Start works with low-income families to provide various tools and resources to prepare and equip children from their time of birth up until the age of five for schooling. They also offer resources to promote family well-being, positive family relationships, and stability. In many cases, children receiving help from Head Start are also connected to CASA.

As she begins her newest endeavor with CASA, she is eager to get back into the courtroom. She said, “Children in the courtroom need someone who stands for them, not for the adults and other family members in the case. Someone who tells their story.” Her heart is to meet the needs of these children to ensure that they do not slip through the cracks but instead are given the opportunity to flourish and thrive.

Jessica also recognizes the importance of advocacy and its long-term effects. Her motivation to get the job done comes from her desire to see every child have a brighter future. In her words, “Our children are our future. If we do not meet their needs, through CASA, through education, through the schools, then we have no future. It is much easier to build strong people, strong families, than to repair them later in life.”

We are thrilled to welcome Jessica to our team.