Mayra Pineda started working in public services in 2018 with the Hamilton County Health Department within the Family Planning Clinic, offering services to women in need. Later, she took a job opportunity with Cempa Community Care in Chattanooga. This became a privileged opportunity, being able to work closely to the unhoused population while aiding individuals with substance use disorder. She found this form of public service incredibly fulfilling. 

As part of the Prevention Department, Mayra focused on outreach in the Hamilton county area, conducting HIV/Hep C testing, educating the public on communicable diseases and resources of primary care for the uninsured. She enjoyed working with individuals of many backgrounds and ethnicities through the programs and services offered by Cempa.

For the past 7 years, Mayra has worked as a Spanish Medical Interpreter around Cleveland TN and Chattanooga. Her experience in this area will be fundamental to her success and impact here at CASA. 

“I am very grateful to be part of CASA now. I believe in the mission of this organization. I believe our children are the future and deserve to be part of loving environments that allow them to enjoy their childhood and provide them with everything that is needed for their success. I am grateful for CASA and the advocates that make this possible for the kids they work with.”

CASA is grateful and proud to have such a passionate and experienced individual join our team. We are confident that she is going to make a difference in the lives of children.

This position was made available to the community through the VOCA grant.